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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Install XBMC in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot

     I've read a lot of talk about not being able to install the Stable versions of XBox Media Center in recent versions of Ubuntu. You have to go to the Daily Unstable releases or third party downloaders. None of that is true if you just make one Simple Tweak to the Install Instructions directly from

     The instructions on are below:

          sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc
          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get install xbmc
          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get upgrade
1   Open a Terminal and enter the first command to add the PPA repository on your PC.
          sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc

2   Now Go into Your Software Sources setup.
         In Oneiric you can get there through the System Settings control panel.

3   When you Click on Software Sources you get this:

4   The area we need to change is here, referring to Oneiric.

  These are the lines added by the XBMC install repository command we issued above.

5   The problem with this is that XBMC has not updated their Repository listing on the Web Server since Maverick. So, when Ubuntu looks for this location on the Web Server it doesn't exist and can't install. The good thing here is that we can edit this to Point at the Maverick repository which installs the Latest Stable version and Works absolutely fine on both Natty and Oneiric.

6   Highlight the first entry in the list and click the Edit Button.

   In the Distribution field change oneiric to maverick.
   **Important Note** - use all lower case when entering maverick or it will not work!

7   When done it should look like this, then Click Ok.

8   You will prompted to provide your password to commit the change. Enter it now.

9   Repeat the exact same process for the Second listing if you want access to the Source code through repositories.

10   Finally Continue with the Command Line steps at a Terminal prompt and XBox Media Center will install on your copy of either Natty or Oneiric.

          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get install xbmc
          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get upgrade

You should now have a fully working copy of XBMC installed on your version of Oneiric or Natty.

As always the steps above have been tested and verified in my lab. I am not responsible for any problems you may encounter with your PC. They are pretty straight forward. If you follow the instructions as indicated you should have no problems.

I hope you found this tip helpful. If you did, let me know. Leave a comment or give me a shout on Twitter: @wjgtech.


  1. Thank you very much indeed, this has solved a problem I was experiencing with BBC Iplayer plugin
    after installing XBMC using ppa:nathan-renniewaldock

    For anyone else getting the error "no module named zlib" try Wjgtech's method.


  2. Seemed to work for me. Thanks!