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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TIP: How to Force and Lock Version Control in Ubuntu

     Last week we discussed how to Stop Adobe Air from Auto Updating and causing conflicts with the Ubuntu authorized version of Adobe Air. The latest version from Adobe is and the Ubuntu authorized version is Now, if you want to do the reverse, which is Stop Ubuntu from forcing version you need to make changes in the Synaptic Package Manager to "Force" the version you want.

     Forcing the version you want in Synaptic Package Manager is actually very easy but as they warn, forcing a particular version of any application may cause file dependency errors down the road. As with all work like this, a word of warning, you make these changes at your Own risk. All of these steps have been tested in my lab and work correctly, if you encounter problems with any of this, I am not responsible. Thanks for understanding.

    Now, to make this change, Open the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu by going to the System menu and selecting Synaptic Package Manager. You will be prompted for your password to run, enter when prompted. In the Search Window of Synaptic enter "adobe" and you should see the "Adobe Air" entry. If not already selected, Highlight the "Adobe Air" line now so you are making changes to the correct application package.

     You can see here that the Installed Version differs from the Latest Version. This is why Ubuntu keeps trying to re-install with an older version.  

     Now click on the "Package" menu item at the top of the window and Select "Force Version...".

     You'll see the current Ubuntu Authorized version of 2.04 (lucid) listed in the drop down. Click on the Drop down Arrows and you will see the two versions that you can choose from. These are the two installed versions of Adobe Air.

     To force version 2.5.1 as the authorized version select it from the drop down choices, then click the button labelled "Force Version". You'll see the following in Synaptic.

    Forcing the Version is applicable when you have 2 different versions of an application installed and need to tell Ubuntu which Version of the Application you want to actively use. In this case we told Ubuntu to Actively use version 2.5.1 over version 2.04.

    To finalize this you now need to "Lock" the version in place. Highlight "Adobe Air" and go to the "Package" menu item. Find "Lock Version" and click it.

     This will prevent the Update Manager from refreshing this item back to the 2.04 version.

     If successful you'll see the result above for "Adobe Air". The lock is what actually prevents Ubuntu from attempting to continually "upgrade" Adobe Air to an older version. Keep in mind though that if Ubuntu Authorizes a newer version than you have Locked you won't be notified that the update is available.

     To reverse the Locked and Forced Version, go back to the "Package" menu item at the top again, making sure that "Adobe Air" is highlighted and select "Lock Version" again. This will reset the Lock and the Latest Version entry will return to 2.04 resetting it all back to default.

    Remember that Forcing and Locking the version will prevent Dependencies from updating as per Ubuntu's update manager and down the road could cause problems. In the short term though it will prevent the Update cycle that Adobe and Ubuntu will battle over. 

I hope you found this tip useful. If you did let me know, leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks. This helped me to get rid of that annoying loop. Although its locked in Synaptic now, I hope Air runtime will notify me of newer versions and auto update as usual.