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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tip: Turn off Adobe Air Auto Update

     I've been sort of struggling with Adobe Air and Ubuntu for some time now related to constant updates. Now that I understand what is happening it is really silly but it seemed that Adobe Air was constantly being updated. When I'd launch Tweetdeck Adobe Air would indicate that there was an Upgrade ready (no versions numbers displayed). Well I'd upgrade and everything would work fine until the next time Ubuntu's Update Manager ran when it would tell me there was an Update to Adobe Air as well. So I'd update again. This goes on and on in an endless circle of upgrading.

     Well I finally did some research on this strange behaviour and found that Adobe Air itself runs an Auto Update feature every time an Air application is launched, and Ubuntu does it's regular Update Manager checks and finds that the Version of Adobe Air doesn't match it's approved version so it wants to set it back calling it an upgrade.

     The two different versions here at the moment are that Adobe has released Version as it's latest and Ubuntu's authorized latest version is The good thing is that there is something you can do to stop this crazy Merry Go Round of Upgrades.

I'll start with How to Turn off the Adobe Air Auto Updater. There is no actual configuration interface for Adobe Air but they have provided an installable application that allows you to turn Off and On the Auto Update feature at will. It is a downloaded Air application that can be found at, . The second question from the bottom asks,

Is it possible to disable Adobe AIR auto-updates? Yes it is.

     Click on the link in the questions answer and download the app called
SettingsManager.air. This process works for any Operating system Linux, Windows, Mac, etc because the app is an Adobe Air application and not an OS based native app.

     Install the app by double clicking on the file. You will see the following screen.

     Click "Install" to continue.

     You'll then get this:

     Click "Continue" ... to ... continue.

     You'll then get a progress bar for installation followed by a completed message.

     That's it then. The Settings Manager app is now installed and if you didn't de-select to place an icon on your Desktop you should now have one called "Adobe Air Settings Manager".

     Double click the shortcut to run the application. From there it is as simple as can be.

     Click "Disable Updates" to ...  Disable Updates. The option then changes to:

     In the future to re-enable the updates simply run the app again and choose "Enable Updates" to ... Enable Updates again.

     The end result of this is that the Automatic checking for Adobe Air updates will be disabled and the Merry GO Round of Updating will be broken. You will however, be left with the Ubuntu approved version of Adobe Air installed on your PC. While both seem to work just fine in my testing there are complications that could develop down the road from being too far behind the latest Adobe release version.

     I hope this tip was helpful and if you found it useful, let me know, leave a comment.


  1. Brilliant! Just the thing I was looking for.

  2. Very helpful, thanks for the post. It looks like the net result is creating a blank file called updateDisabled (no extension) and putting it in %AppData%\Adobe\Air in case you need to deploy it to several computers.

  3. Thanks. I run Pandora for streaming music at work and the Pandora One application uses Adobe Air. I'm just sick of the new version notification messages. We'll see what happens when I start getting out of sync with the latest version of Air...

    1. Haha I know the pain friend. Upgrading from version to Really!?

  4. I have no idea why I started getting the Adobe Air updates notices, I don't have Adobe Air on my computer, I am a lowly end user. Any thoughts? The above seems like a lot to bother with. Anything I can just uninstall?