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Friday, October 22, 2010

Update: NetFlix Now Downloadable on the Wii

     One of the big criticisms of NetFlix on the Wii was the fact that you needed a CD everytime you wanted to watch. While not intolerable it was an inconvenience of using the system on a Wii. Well this week Netflix updated the setup on both the Wii and Playstation 3 to provide a downloadable version of Netflix from the Online Store.

     First off, have no fear, it is still a Free feature of the Netflix service on the Wii just like ordering the CD was. Just go to the Wii Shopping channel and right on the main page their is a Netflix logo. Click on the logo, follow the prompts and in no time you'll see Mario jumping along his way indicating that the app is downloading. Once completed your Wii will restart and you'll have a Netflix Channel on your Wii start screen.

     If you've already registered your Wii for access on Netflix then nothing further needs to be done. Just click on the Netflix logo and away you go. If this is your first time running Netflix on your Wii it will launch you through the setup wizard to register your device with Netflix.

    See previous Review "Netflix comes to Canada - The Wii"

     Once downloaded and registered the Downloadable Netflix appears to provide the exact same experience as the CD does. This is a great advancement for Netflix on the Wii and should open up the user base significantly for the Streaming Movie service.

     On a side note Netflix appears to be doing alot to correct the Content problem that they had on launch day. Everyday you can see more and more content being added to the service. While it still isn't perfect there certainly is much more content to choose from today with all signs showing further improvement down the road.

     All things considered providing the Netflix service as installable content on the Wii is a great step forward for usability and I highly recommend checking it out. If for no other reason than it is Free for the first 30 days.

  Have fun.

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