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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Review: Chromium Web Browser

     I've been very suspicious of the built in spyware found in Google's Chrome browser. As a result I've stayed away from it even though I've read very good things about it's performance. Recently after a little investigation I started using Chromium. What is that you may ask? Chromium is the Open Source project that provides the Source code that Chrome is made from. The good thing is that it doesn't contain any of the added spyware that Google adds on to Chrome so nicely for you.

     If you use Ubuntu, Chromium can be easily found in the Ubuntu Software Centre and is easily installed. If your a Windows user your not as lucky. Chromium is not readily available except for Google's Chrome, of course. Interestingly enough, I recently read a rumor that Chromium will replace Firefox as the default Web Browser in Ubuntu 10.10.

     So far my impressions of Chromium are very good. It is fast to load web pages and feels very responsive overall. Fortunately the Ubuntu Software Centre has included all of the Important plugins with the installer. In comparison to Firefox 3.6.10 on Ubuntu, Chromium is much, much faster and so far has been just as compatible.

     The interface for it is best described as "minimalist" which is refreshing and clean but I found I needed to configure a few additional things to feel at home using the browser. I needed to enable the option to "Always show Bookmark Bar" and had to set the browser options to "Delete Cookies" every time the browser is closed. I also turned off the option to save Password and Form information. The installation itself went very smooth and Chromium imported my Bookmarks from Firefox on install.

     I'm really liking Chromium. In fact I'm using it right now to write this post. That isn't to say that Firefox isn't a great browser as well but choice is always best. Thanks to Canonical, Ubuntu users have that choice and it's really easy to try both. If you use Ubuntu and haven't tried Chromium yet, what are you waiting for? Go get it now. You wont be disappointed.


  1. You used the wrong kind of write in the final paragraph

  2. Thanks Tom, that one slipped by.

  3. Fixed Write the Right way this time. :-)

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